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Marcelo Ferreira

Teacher, Portuguese-Brazilian, married, father of three girls and surfer for almost 30 years.

I love to talk and help people through words, listening and writing.


"In addition to angry images, in just a few pages you will understand everything that happened in the thickest week of all time, also known as Passion Week."

Matheus Iglesias

Christian Surfers Australia


"When you enter this report, you are going to enter the most incredible tube and feel the deep love of Dios for you, who in the process created the eyes, the bell that sent his beloved to be sacrificed for us. Si quieres enterarte un poco bad, paddle within this story… "

Aldo Ventura

Regional Coordinator for Sudamérica by Cristinan Surfers International


"The material is excellent! With language from surfer to surfer, the book narrates the main events of Easter in a blessed and enlightening way. Be sure to download it!"

Cristiane Yaika Marques de Jesus

Christ Surfers of Rio de Janeiro


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